Bicycle Accidents in Calgary & Edmonton

Bicycle Accident lawyers in Calgary or Edmonton

Accidents involving bicycles occur frequently, often as the result of drivers not paying attention to cyclists sharing the road. Some of the most common bicycle collisions occur in the following situations:

  • a vehicle making a right turn across the cyclist’s lane of travel;
  • vehicle executing a left turn at an uncontrolled (or non-dedicated left turn) intersection;
  • dooring; and
  • a vehicle or cyclist passing on the right.

The lack of suitable bike paths and lanes, combined with inattentive drivers and traffic congestion, often leads to serious bicycle accidents.

Each year many people in Alberta are killed or suffer serious personal injury from bicycle collisions. Even in a minor collision with a motor vehicle, bicycle riders generally suffer significant and serious injury. A bicycle rider has a great disadvantage because of the level of personal exposure. In many cases, motor vehicles hitting bicycle riders are negligent.

Common personal injuries from Alberta bike accidents include: broken bones, catastrophic injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and sometimes death.

Injured in a Bicycle Accident in Calgary or Edmonton?

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