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Child and Youth Injuries

The course of action required when handling an injury case changes significantly when a child is involved. As with adults, injuries to children can occur in a number of different situations, however, most often take place in motor vehicle collisions or under the supervision of a trusted adult or company, such as in the following situations:

  • School/daycare trip,
  • Home daycare negligence,
  • Swimming pool supervision,
  • Summer camp accidents.

If your child has been harmed, you can rely on us to protect their future.

In Alberta, there are complex requirements and restrictions in place to handle litigation where children are plaintiffs. Not only do children require litigation guardians, but courts are also required to ensure that any settlement is made in the best interests of the children involved. It takes knowledgeable lawyers who understand these special challenges and restrictions to ensure your child receives the compensation he or she deserves.

In terms of injuries, the course of recovery of a child following a traumatic injury can vary greatly from that of an adult. Children are still developing, and as a result, the full extent of a child’s injury will not be known for several years.

Cases involving children require close observation and a special kind of care to understand the impact an injury will have on a child’s future. We work with you and your child from the very beginning of his or her injury throughout treatment and rehabilitation. We stay in close contact with the medical professionals assisting in your child’s rehabilitation to ensure they are receiving fair treatment and the medical care necessary for their recovery. If a case manager has been assigned to your child’s case, we also work closely with that individual to ensure treatment is not duplicated or set back at any point.

Beyond the enormous impact injuries to children have on a parent emotionally, we understand the difficulties it poses to everyday life. Often, a child’s injury requires a family’s full attention, and thus the ability to focus and return to other responsibilities following the accident/injury is compromised. The emotional and financial burdens that surround children’s injuries can have a significant impact on the family and caregivers as well.

Our lawyers are not only focused on obtaining the financial recovery your child requires; we are also determined to help your child get the maximum rehabilitation in place and achieve the maximum level of function so he or she achieves the best possible return to normal activities.

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