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What is a Paralysis Injury?

Paralysis is loss of the ability to move one or more muscles. It may be associated with loss of feeling and other bodily functions.

It is not usually caused by problems with the muscles themselves, but by problems with the nerves or spinal cord the brain uses to control muscles. A person with paralysis will usually have some form of nerve damage.

Common Causes of Paralysis:

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • accidents while working
  • accidents during sports or other types of activity
  • falls

Classification of paralysis

Paralysis can be:

  • localised – where a specific section of the body is paralysed, such as the face or hand
  • generalised – where a larger area of the body is affected

There are also a number of medical terms used to describe different types of paralysis. For example:

  • monoplegia – where one limb is paralysed
  • hemiplegia – where the arm and leg on one side of the body are paralysed
  • paraplegia – where both legs and sometimes the pelvis and some of the lower body are paralysed
  • tetraplegia – where both the arms and legs are paralysed (also known as quadriplegia)

How We Can Help You

As spinal cord injury lawyers, we understand the challenges resulting from trauma that have become a part of everyday life, and act as your trusted advisor and advocate as you navigate the new normal.

We also understand the legal, health and insurance processes related to spine injury; a lawyer at RecoverWell Injury Law acts to protect your best interests and those of dependant and caregiving family.

Avoid Costly Upfront Fees

A RecoverWell Injury Law Personal Injury Lawyers spinal injury lawyer will not charge the upfront or hourly legal fees which we believe add unnecessary financial strain when loss of income or earning ability may be of concern.

The spinal injury lawyers at our respected small firm work together to obtain for you the appropriate medical treatment, rehabilitative therapies and counselling services, as well as any necessary attendant care and career re-training resources that can improve your quality of life and facilitate daily activities.

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